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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 25 No 3 2008: The development of literacy

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 25 No 3 2008: The development of literacy

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This issue focuses the development of literacy: Implications of current understanding for applied psychologists and educationalists. We hope the papers provide a bridge between the work of academic and applied psychologists that will inform all applied psychologists about recent work in the field of children's literacy.





Visual factors in reading
Chris Singleton

What does the evidence really say about effective literacy teaching?
Robert Savage & Yolande Pompey

Defining reading disorders and evaluating reading interventions: Perspectives from the response to intervention model
Fiona J. Duff

Differences in the correlates of reading accuracy and speed in young Dutch readers
Peter F. de Jong

Word-reading development, the double-deficit hypothesis, and the diagnosis of dyslexia
Kees P. van den Bos

Off to a good start? Vocabulary development and differences in early family and classroom experiences of children from native-Dutch and immigrant families in the Netherlands
Aziza Y. Mayo & Paul P.M. Leseman

Can music make a difference? A small scale longitudinal study into the effects of music instruction in nursery on later reading ability
Maureen Myant, Wendy Armstrong & Nicola Healy

Using whole-word multimedia software to support literacy acquisition: A comparison with traditional books
Arjette Karemaker, Nicola J. Pitchford & Claire O'Malley

Developing the practice of educational psychologists through theory and research
Jonathan Solity & Laura R. Shapiro

Developing an intervention for pupils with writing difficulties: Conceptualisation and analysis
Sandra Dunsmuir, Claire Thomas, Rebecca May, Joyce Monroe, Tamara Roiter & Simon Wellman

Using embedded words to kick-start phonological awareness in a seven-year-old child with persistent phonological difficulties
Laura Phillips & Deborah James

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