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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 26 No 2 2009

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 26 No 2 2009

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This issue explores play and learning within educational settings.




Guest editorial: Play and learning in educational settings
Pat Broadhead & Diny van der Aalsvoort

'Don't enter - it's dangerous': Negotiations for power and exclusion in pre-school girls' play interactions
Ann-Carita Evaldsson & Britt Tellgren

Gendered discourses and practices in role play activities: A case study of young children in the English Foundation Stage
Elizabeth Wood & Joanna Cook

Behavioural differences exhibited by children when practising a task under formal and playful conditions
Karen McInnes, Justine Howard, Gareth E. Miles & Kevin Crowley

Play, cognition and self-regulation: What exactly are children learning when they learn through play?
David Whitebread, Penny Coltman, Helen Jameson & Rachel Lander

Observed classroom interaction processes between pre-school teachers and children: Results of a video study during free-play time in German pre-schools
Anke König

Play, narrative and learning in education: A biocultural perspective
Pam Jarvis

Conceptualising progression in the pedagogy of play and sustained shared thinking in early childhood education: A Vygotskian perspective
Iram Siraj-Blatchford

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