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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 27 No 3 September 2010: Attachment

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 27 No 3 September 2010: Attachment

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This issue focuses on attachment.




About the contributors

Guest Editorial
Anne Greig, Penny Munn & Sue Reynolds

Measuring attachment in large populations: A systematic review
Kim Lim, Lauren Corlett, Lucy Thompson, James Law, Philip Wilson, Christopher Gillberg & Helen Minnis

Enhancing the attachment relationship: A prenatal perspective
Penelope Rackett & Bjarne M. Holmes

Maltreated children: Finding the right attachment relationship
Helen Minnis & Graham Bryce

Video Interaction Guidance as a method to promote secure attachment
Hilary Kennedy, Miriam Landor & Liz Todd

An integration of theory, science and reflective clinical practice in the care and management of attachment-disordered children: A Triple-A approach
Colby Pearce

Secure attachment in the future: The role of educational psychology in making it happen
Leisa Randall

From attachment to attainment: The impact of nurture groups on academic achievement
Tommy MacKay, Sue Reynolds & Maura Kearney


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