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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 28 No 2 June 2011: Computerised approaches to assessment

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 28 No 2 June 2011: Computerised approaches to assessment

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This issue focuses on computerised approaches to assessment.




About the Contributors

Guest Editorial
Fraser Lauchlan, Wilma C.M. Resing & Julian Elliott

The benefits of computerised working memory assessment
Tracy Packiam Alloway

Computerised assessment of an analogical reasoning test: Effects of external memory strategies and their positive outcomes in young children and adolescents with intellectual disability
Caroline Denaes Bruttin

The computerised-based Lucid Rapid Dyslexia Screening for the identification of children at risk of dyslexia: A Singapore study
Gaynor Brookes, Veronica Ng, Boon Hong Lim, Wah Pheow Tan & Natalia Lukito

Computerised assessment of handwriting and typing speed
Joanna Horne, Jonathan Ferrier, Chris Singleton & Caroline Read

Computer or paper analogy puzzles: Does assessment mode influence young children's strategy progression?
Claire E. Stevenson, Kirsten W.J. Touw & Wilma C.M. Resing

Creating an individualised learning situation using scaffolding in a tangible electronic series completion task
Julia R. Henning, Janneke Verhaegh & Wilma C.M. Resing

Training effects in dynamic assessment: A pilot study of eye movement as indicator of problem solving behaviour before and after training
Marco G.P. Hessels, Katia Vanderlinden & Hildalill Rojas

The role of the Learning Potential Computerised Adaptive Test (LPCAT) in the vocational guidance assessment of adolescents
Marié de Beer


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