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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 30 No 2 June 2013: Giftedness in education

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 30 No 2 June 2013: Giftedness in education

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This issue focuses on Citizenship, Community and Cohesion.




About the Contributors

Guest Editorial
Wilma C.M. Resing, Fraser Lauchlan & Julian G. Elliott

The long-term effects of families and educational provision on gifted children
Joan Freeman

Facing challenge: A phenomenological investigation into the educational experiences of academically gifted pupils
Nicola Morris

Understanding and supporting the flourishing of the exceptional ability: A positive psychology approach to educational psychology practice
Klair Norman

Equally cursed and blessed: Do gifted and talented children experience poorer mental health and psychological well-being?
Timothy W. Jones

The voice of the 'non-existent': Greek talented students' perceptions of the Greek school system and its practices
Dimitrios Zbainos & Anastasia Kyritsi

Creative giftedness and educational opportunities
Maud Besancon, Todd Lubart & Baptiste Barbot

Measuring metaphors: Concreteness and similarity in metaphor comprehension and gifted identification
Mei Tan, Baptiste Barbot, Catalina Mourgues & Elena L. Grigorenko

Addressing the 'quiet crisis': Gifted identification with Aurora
Samuel D. Mandelman, Baptiste Barbot, Mei Tan & Elena L. Grigorenko

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