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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 34 No 4 December 2017: Labelling and diagnosis

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 34 No 4 December 2017: Labelling and diagnosis

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This issue focuses on bridging the gap between psychological assessment and educational instruction.




About the Contributors

Guest Editorial: Labelling and diagnosis
Fraser Lauchlan, Christopher Boyle, Simon Gibbs & Wilma Resing

Inclusive education and the politics of difference: Considering the effectiveness of labelling in special education
Latif Arishi, Christopher Boyle & Fraser Lauchlan

How should applied psychologists conceptualise an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and its predictive validity?
Richard Hassall

Models of disability and the categorisation of children with severe and profound learning difficulties: Informing educational approaches based on an understanding of individual needs
Kirstie Rees

Child sexual abuse: From diagnosis to formulation
David Pilgrim

Labels, literacy and the law. Implications for EP practice post-school in the UK
Christopher Arnold

The experience of deaf students in secondary mainstream classrooms
Robin Bartlett

The SEN Label and its effect on special education
Hatim Algraigray & Christopher Boyle



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