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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 36 No 3 September 2019: Selected papers

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 36 No 3 September 2019: Selected papers

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This issue focuses on school belonging.




About the contributors

Simon Gibbs, Cathy Atkinson & Fraser Lauchlan

The impact of working with core qualities on primary school pupils’ wellbeing
Peter Ruit, Fred Korthagen & Judith Schoonenboom

Reintegration to secondary education following school exclusion: An exploration of the relationship between home and school from the perspective of parents
Carina Embeita

Evaluating the impact of an autogenic training relaxation intervention on levels of anxiety amongst adolescents in school
Tracey Atkins & Ben Hayes

The psychology within models of reading comprehension and the educational psychologist’s role in taking theory into practice
Taryn Moir

The motivational interviewing practice of UK educational psychologists
George Thomas, Cathy Atkinson & Craig Allen

Children and young people who present with sleep deprivation: An initial exploratory study using the Delphi technique with reference to potential competencies required for the initial training of educational psychologists
Jemma Anderson & Kathleen Tyldesley


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