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Educational Psychology in Scotland Vol 17 No 1 Spring 2016

Educational Psychology in Scotland Vol 17 No 1 Spring 2016

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Quick Overview

Educational Psychology in Scotland is produced by the Scottish Division of Education Psychology. It focuses on practice issues relevant to the profession of educational psychology and is not peer reviewed.




Miriam Landor

Introduction and context
Alison Fotheringham

Professor Peter Kinderman: Drop the language of disorder: Less medicalising and more understanding please
Gemma Findlay

Professor Sami Timimi: Beyond Diagnosis: Why we don't need diagnosis to deliver high quality effective services
Alison Poupart

Julie Metcalfe, Maura Kearney & Sean McKendrick: Children's Services and Getting It Right For Every Child: Next steps
Morgan Carey

Barry Syme & Susan Orr: Assessment work strand: Towards a shared pathway
Ivana Oracova

Michele McLung & Helen Minnis: Research work strand: What is working for our children and young people?
Fiona Primrose

Fiona Williams & Dougie Fraser: Wellbeing interventions: Towards articulation?
Catriona May

Plenary: Multi-agency working in Glasgow: Next steps
Alison Fotheringham


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