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Expert Witness 2: Report writing


Quick Overview

Expert Witness 2: Report writing

12 October 2018

Writing reports for court as psychologist and expert witness - the what to consider, how to do it and what not to do

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Expert Witness 2: Report writing 12 October 2018 This workshop focuses on the importance of the Expert Report and the court’s expectations of the expert report. The Expert Witness Report is the foundation of Expert Witness work and a poorly written report may lead to questions about the Expert’s competence. Attendees will learn how to prepare reports which are more valuable to the commissioning solicitor and the court as well as defensible during cross examination in the witness box. An approach to preparing expert witness reports as a practitioner psychologist is considered which allows delegates to consider information provided during the assessment in a way more suited to court settings. The legal process as well as the formal requirements for structure of the report will be made clear. This training is in a small group environment to assist psychologist colleagues to learn how to present their existing knowledge at its best in legal settings.

Additional Information

Conference Date 12 October
Start Date 12 Oct 2018
End Date 12 Oct 2018