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Forensic Update Compendium 2012

Forensic Update Compendium 2012

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Quick Overview

Forensic Update Compendium 2012, is publication of the Division of Forensic Psychology containing the main articles in issues 106, 107, 108 and 109.




Emily Glorney & Rachel Worthington

Issue 106 - April 2012

Notes from the Chair
Giles McCathie

A long time coming? The Firesetting Intervention Programme for Mentally Disordered Offenders (FIP-MO)
Theresa A. Gannon, Lona Lockerbie & Nichola Tyler

Supporting the Expert Witness: Challenges and opportunities
Caroline Schuster, Hugh Koch & Glenda Liell

Aviation security
Trevor Calafato & Kathryn Zahra

Setting up a model of care for a medium secure service for women
Gerrie Holloway, Alison Lauder & Emily Garner

Mentoring within a high secure forensic inpatient service: Service user perspectives on developing a mentor service
Bettina Boehm (Winner of the First Annual MSc Dissertation Competition)

Issue 107 - July 2012

Notes from the Chair
Ian Gargan

Division of Forensic Psychology Awards

Making waves in London - an interview with Clair Ongley
Emily Glorney

The role of sport in reducing reoffending among young men in prison: Assessing the evidence base
Rosie Meek & Gwen Lewis

An exploratory study about the perception and justification of violence in Mixed Martial Arts and kickboxing athletes
Annemarie Schumacher Dimech, Alain Brechbühl, Patrick Kohlbrenner & Roland Seiler

Terrorism at the London 2012 Olympic Games: Evaluating the Trust, Confidence and Co-operation model (Earle & Siegrist 2006)
Roisin Orchard & Chris Fife-Schaw

Issue 108 - October 2012

Notes from the Chair
Ian Gargan

Assessing Dynamic Risk in the Community: The DRR and Circles of Support and Accountability
Andrew Bates & Nadia Wager

An exploratory analysis of the relationship between women's rape fantasies, rape myth acceptance, rape victim empathy and rape blame attribution
Amy Grubb & Terri-Anne Tarn

The biological basis of psychopathy and the effects of psychological interventions
Rory McKenna

'Enabling Environments': The lived experience of Category A prisoners on a Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder unit
Nina Preston

Psychopathy and one-to-one CBT: A feasibility study
Catherine Farr, Philip Priestley & Caroline Utton

Doing more good than harm: A case study of an offender presenting with dissociative amnesia
Angela Currie

The Nature, Role and Functions of activity in neurorehabilitation
Jonathan Rogers & Gordon Muir Giles

Psychological Therapies Network (PTN) Adult Forensic Mental Health Services
Eric Jones & Rachel Collinson

Issue 109 - January 2013

Notes from the Chair
Ian Gargan

Do we think enough about families? An audit of family interventions in a forensic service
Rachel Smith, Alison Bickerdike & Kirsty Forsyth

A pilot investigation on the use of Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) with adult inpatient males with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Kirsty Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Wakeland

Exploring motivation and personal change in males serving probation orders within the community: A qualitative pilot study
Cheryl Palmer, Daniel Heggs & Joselyn Sellen


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