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Forensic Update Compendium 2013

Forensic Update Compendium 2013

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Quick Overview

Forensic Update Compendium 2012, is publication of the Division of Forensic Psychology containing the main articles in issues 110, 111, 112 and 113.




Emily Glorney & Rachel Worthington

Issue 110 - April 2013

Notes from the Chair
Ian Gargan

Examining the relationship between anger and violent thoughts and fantasies: A pilot study
Gita Patel, Rebecca Doyle & Kevin Browne

Investigating rape victim and perpetrator empathy in relation to rape myths within the police service
Kayleigh Whitby (Winner of the Second Annual MSc Dissertation Competition)

Issue 111 - July 2013

Notes from the Chair
Ian Gargan

Division of Forensic Psychology Awards

Social connectedness and female offending
Julie Taylor, Ian Convery & Emma Barton

A relationship awareness group based in systemic theory in a medium secure setting: Raising the profile of cultural influences
Matthew Lister

Initial ideas on the potential value of religion and spirituality in recovery pathways of high secure service users
Emily Glorney & Sophie Raymont

Summit Against Violent Extremism (SAVE)
Danielle Gaynor & Ian Gargan

Issue 112 - October 2013

Notes from the Chair
Ian Gargan

Exploring Offence Paralleling Behaviours in Incarcerated Offenders
Geraldine Akerman & Anthony R. Beech

Physical activity in secure psychiatric wards: Development and application of the Active Ward Checklist
Clive G. Long, Anita Gayton & Arleen Rowell

Multi-dimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC): Preventing and treating offending among looked after children
John J. Marshall & Philip Smith

A day with the Kainos Community Challenge to Change programme in a prison
Ciara Wild

Can we predict the likelihood of parents committing suicide after killing their children?
Mike Berry & Ruth Cliff

Issue 113 - January 2014

Notes from the Chair
Ian Gargan

Patient and staff experience of a ward-based risk management system
Clive G. Long, Kostas Anagnostakis, Ellen Banyard, Pheon Silaule & Olga Dolley

Does the Thinking Skills Programme have a positive effect on prison behaviour?
Melanie Merola


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