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Forensic Update Compendium 2016

Forensic Update Compendium 2016

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Quick Overview

Forensic Update Compendium 2016, is a publication of the Division of Forensic Psychology containing the main articles in issues 121, 122, and 123.




Martin Fisher

Issue 121 - June 2016
Notes from the Chair
Dee Anand
The evaluation of a pilot programme of Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) group with a detained female forensic population with a primary diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Deborah Morris, Rebecca J Brewer, Amanda Webb & Nathalie Gray
Getting the most from your treatment: Motivating engagement in women in medium secure forensic settings
Olga Dolley, Miranda Gaylor & Clive Long

Issue 122 - October 2016
Working with the impact of trauma and adversity on personal distress and offending in a high secure setting: towards a high secure model of trauma informed care
Lawrence Jones
Reviewed by Cristiane Sena de Queiroz
Understanding punitive attitudes and judgements about sexual offenders
Craig Harper Symposium
Reviewed by Claire Dewar
Future directions in the treatment of sexual fantasies
Convenor: Anthony Beech
Reviewed by Sarah Linturn
Approaches to understanding stalking
Convenor: Simon Duff
Reviewed by Traci Tracy
Exploring the process of psychological risk assessment with indeterminate prisoners
Jo Shingler
Reviewed by Halcyon Smith
Policing sex crime intelligently: An intelligence-led approach
Mark Kebbell
Reviewed by Elizabeth Hill
Three oral presentations: Symposium
Chaired by Dr Siriol David
Reviewed by Emma Cawthorn
Understanding punitive attitudes and judgements about sexual offenders
Craig Harper Symposium
Reviewed by Louise Carter
Personality disorder, offending and psychological work in the National Probation Service
Convenor: Dr Julian Walker
Reviewed by Lúcia Cajada
Just how important is major mental illness in understanding violence and crime? Clarifying the nature and extent of the association
Professor Kevin Douglas
Reviewed by Michaela Sturgeon
Trauma-informed care in forensic settings
Lawrence Jones & Professor Peter Kinderman
Reviewed by Sally Lopresti
Understanding why some people commit violent crimes: A neurobiological understanding of risk factors leading to offending and implications for treatment
Professor Anthony Beech
Reviewed by Dr Oliver Field
Symposia: The Offender Personality Disorder Pathway; Aspiration and reality
Convener: Jake Shaw
Reviewed by Jane Roberts
Oral presentations
Chaired by Debbie McQueirns
Reviewed by Skye Chirape
Summary for revenge porn presentations
Reviewed by Leiya Lemkey

Issue 123 - December 2016
Articles and papers
Clinical and forensic psychology - (un)comfortable bedfellows?
Kerry Beckley & Martin Fisher
Collaborative risk awareness training - an evaluation
Mira Hitikasch, Lisa Murphy & Phil Coombes
What are the key skills that staff require to support adults on the autism spectrum effectively?
Rachel Worthington
Ten-19 Service Evaluation: April 2013-March 2016
Sarah Greenhaf
SHAPE: A review of a group-based intervention for sexually harmful male youth
L. Williams, C.L. Mason & M. McMullon
Event reviews
14th International Association for Treatment of Sexual Offenders (IATSO) Conference, 7-10 September 2016
Geraldine Akerman, Cerys Miles & Sarah Senker

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