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Forensic Update Compendium 2017

Forensic Update Compendium 2017

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Quick Overview

Forensic Update Compendium 2017, is a publication of the Division of Forensic Psychology containing the main articles in issues 124, 125, and 126.




Martin Fisher

Chair's Notes
Dee Anand

Issue 124 - June 2017
Chair's Notes
Liz Bird
How do group members manage the feelings evoked in groups?
Geraldine Akerman & Kate Anya Geraghty
Creating a more rehabilitative culture in our prisons
Jenny Tew
Reflecting on transference and countertransference in a forensic inpatient setting: The perspective of three Assistant Psychologists
Amy Pritchard, Craig McParland & Daniel Anderson
Assessing and treating risk of harmful sexual behaviours in clients with an intellectual disability
Sarah Jones, Natalie Muchatuta, Amanda Monkman & Wendy Goulbourn

Issue 125 - September 2017

Chair's Notes
Dee Anand
Keynote presentations
Forensic psychology decision making - the biasing effects of irrelevant contextual information: Professor Itiel Dror
Catharine Powis
Current directions in offender rehabilitation: Professor Andrew Day
Chloe Dower
Indeterminate sentences for public protection - a stubborn stain on the justice system: Professor Nick Hardwick
Esther Rutman
Does violence really cycle?: Professor Cathy Widom
Louisa Zioui
Presentation: Creatively exploring the implicit component of a dangerous world implicit theory: Phoebe Smith
Jo Beaton
Symposium: Making life meaningful for individuals with Personality Disorder (PD)
Sapphire-Violet Rossdale
Oral Presentations
Louise Williams
Symposium: Treatment within a prison-based Therapeutic Community (TC): Experiences of extended assessment services, the impact of TC treatment, and interventions at HMP Grendon
Jaglit Sandhu
Oral Presentations
Karen Redding
Presentation: The use of Reflective Mapping: Dr Olojugba, Ms Papatraian and Ms Cox
Naomi Gaston
Invited Symposium: Lifespan issues in the criminal justice system (Convenor: Dr Simone Fox)
Dr Angharad Rees-Jones
Oral Presentations
Libby Payne
Presentation: Service User Involvement with 'high risk/high harm' OPD offenders (Convenor: Dr Hannah Jones)
Hannah Carton
Oral Presentations
Sophie Daniels
Oral Presentations
Marc Kerry
Using specially trained dogs in the Criminal Justice System
Elizabeth Spruin & Katarina Mozava

Issue 126 - December 2017
Am I free to practice? A training package concerning free will and forensic psychology
Alexander H. Jack, Stephanie Wilson & Vincent Egan
Working with women who self-harm within a secure environment: The experience of assistant psychologists
Eryn Mann, Stacie Simms & Clive Long
Psychologists' role in Parole Board decision-making: What do Parole Board Members think about psychological assessment?
Jo Shingler
Nursing staff perceptions of factors contributing to an increase in the use of seclusion
Jenna Grocott & Fiona Wood

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