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Forensic Update No 101 Autumn 2010

Forensic Update No 101 Autumn 2010

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Quick Overview

Forensic Update, a publication of Division of Forensic Psychology, aims to communicate current information on professional and practice matters to practitioners and researchers, and to act as a forum for discussion and debate.




Paul Mooney & Rachel Worthington

Notes from the Chair
Carol Ireland

Explaining and preventing offending 1969-2009
David P. Farrington

Notes from the first Chair
Tony Black

Eye tracking and eyewitness memory
Jamal K. Mansour & Heather D. Flowe

Researching retail criminality can be more than pea-shooting
B.W. Ewart

Asymptomatic victims of child sexual abuse: A critical review
Matthew Boardman & Michelle Davies

Polygraph testing of internet offenders
Daniel T. Wilcox & Jos Buschman

Evaluation of a social problem solving group in a low secure forensic setting
Rachel Smith & Jo Homewood

Courtroom questioning, pre-trial preparation and witness accuracy
Jacqueline M. Wheatcroft & Louise E. Ellison

A question of faith: Spirituality, faith and the rehabilitation of offenders
Liz Bird

Developing the CPD Programme for Full Members
Martin Fisher

What did we learn and what could be different? Trainee and supervisor observations on stage 2 training
Sharon Oddie & Jason Davies

Two letters on improving services to DFP members

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