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Forensic Update No 110 April 2013

Forensic Update No 110 April 2013

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Quick Overview

Forensic Update, a publication of the Division of Forensic Psychology, aims to communicate current information on professional and practice matters to practitioners and researchers, and to act as a forum for discussion and debate.




Emily Glorney & Rachel Worthington

Notes from the Chair
Ian Gargan


Examining the relationship between anger and violent thoughts and fantasies: A pilot study
Gita Patel, Rebecca Doyle & Kevin Browne

MSc Dissertation Competition

The dimensions that underlie criminal appearance and mock witness identification
Thimna Klatt

Attitudes and beliefs of interpersonal relationships in adolescents with Asperger's syndrome
Ben Maddocks

Investigating rape victim and perpetrator empathy in relation to rape myths within the police service
Kayleigh Whitby

DFP News

  • In-Training Members - Training in Schema Therapy with Forensic Clients
  • Future workshops for In-Training Members
  • Obituary

Book Reviews
Edited by Simon Duff


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