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Forensic Update No 119 Winter 2015

Forensic Update No 119 Winter 2015

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Quick Overview

Forensic Update, a publication of the Division of Forensic Psychology. Aims to communicate current information on professional and practice matters to practitioners and researchers, and to act as a forum for discussion and debate.




Martin Fisher

Notes from the Chair
Dee Anand


Polygraph testing in forensic settings: Fact, opinion, and the BPS
Professor Don Grubin
Reviewed by Alyshia Murgatroyd

Theory of change in Multi Systemic Therapy: Perspectives of ethnic minority caregivers
Dr Simone Fox
Reviewed by Amit Jotangia

Understanding the context of repetitive violence and self-harm
Dr Karen Slade
Reviewed by Amit Jotangia

The importance of context in assessment, treatment and management
Professor Douglas Boer
Reviewed by Becky Wyatt

Measuring age-specific sexual preferences with pupil dilation
Janice Attard
Reviewed by Esther Rutman

The impact of narratives on empathic responses to offenders
Zoe Walkington
Reviewed by Esther Rutman

Violent scripts, ruminations, obsessions and fantasy: What's the difference and what is their role in violent offending?
Michael Daffern
Reviewed by Esther Rutman

The Sadism Spectrum Measure: An inclusive measure of sadistic expression
Aisling O'Meara
Reviewed by Esther Rutman

Offending and victim narrative roles within sexually motivated abduction
Megan Kenny
Reviewed by Esther Rutman

An exploratory cluster analysis of motivation to change in sex offenders with intellectual disabilities
Nadia Butler
Reviewed by Laura Jacobs

An exploratory cluster analysis of motivation to change in sex offenders with intellectual disabilities
Nadia Butler
Reviewed by Laura Jacobs

Developing SART - Survivors of Abuse Recovering Together: A group intervention for male offenders in a therapeutic community in Bermuda
Eleni Belivanaki
Reviewed by Lyndsie Barker

Offender profiling and linking serial crimes: The emergence of a new science; past, present and future; how far we have come and what is the future?
Professor Gabrielle Salfati
Reviewed by Sue Jamieson

Why men undertake passion killings in the Namibian context
Mirjam Nampweya
Reviewed by Jo Muldoon

Differentiating English rioters: An exploratory narrative framework
Dominic Willmott
Reviewed by Jo Muldoon

Relationship status and facial morphology interact in perceptions of stalking behaviour
Simon Duff
Reviewed by Jo Muldoon

Is Facebook stalking comparable to traditional stalking?
Adrian Scott
Reviewed by Jo Muldoon

Multi-factor analysis choice model for the procurement of sexual services: Why men buy sex
Philip Birch
Reviewed by Jo Muldoon


Contemporary developments in investigative interviewing
Convenor: Dr Gavin Oxburgh
Reviewed by Christine Adams

Assessing suitability for treatment and supporting therapeutic change in a prison-based therapeutic community
Convener: Geraldine Akerman
Reviewed by Jenny Pryboda

Forensic therapeutic environments - creating a DFP policy
Convener: Claire Bainbridge
Reviewed by Kate Anya

Adolescent offenders: Working with girls, carers and neurodevelopmental difficulties
Convenor: Troy Tranah
Reviewed by Kelly-Louise Everard

The assessment and treatment of firesetters
Convenor: Helen Butler
Reviewed by Rachael Boyes

Women, complex needs and forensic settings
Convenor: Dr Tammi Walker
Reviewed by Sarah Copp

Trauma: Not just for the victims
Convenor: Lorraine Perry
Reviewed by Skye Chirape

Developments in therapeutic interventions applied to forensic clients
Convenor: Professor Jane L. Ireland
Reviewed by Traci Tracy


Working with offenders at risk of suicide
Dr Karen Slade
Reviewed by Chloe Dower

Exploring the therapeutic use of photographs in developing emotional learning in prisons
Professor Del Loewethal
Reviewed by Karen Johnson

Risk formulation
Dr Caroline Logan
Reviewed by Scott Rogers


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