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Forensic Update No 93 Spring 2008

Forensic Update No 93 Spring 2008

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Quick Overview

Forensic Update, a publication of Division of Forensic Psychology, aims to communicate current information on professional and practice matters to practitioners and researchers, and to act as a forum for discussion and debate.



Notes from the Chair

Applications for Exemptions from Part 1 of the British Psychological Society Diploma in Forensic Psychology
David Crighton

Asperger's syndrome: Forensic considerations revisited
David Murphy

Division of Forensic Psychology 2007
Jane L. Ireland

Division of Forensic Psychology response: Healthy Sexual Functioning Programme

Universities Link
Jane Clarbour

Message from the DFP Committee In-Training Representatives
Neil Gredecki & Emma Wildgoose

High Secure Settings Link
Neil Gredecki

Forensic applications of recent developments in clinical neuropsychology: Chair's introduction
Mary Hill

The guilty mind: A neuropsychological perspective
Peter Schaapveld

Impulsivity: Multidimensional or unitary concept?
Paul Devonshire

Exploring the usefulness of the term 'psychopathy'
Sharon Oddie

The Neurobiology of Violence: A meeting at the Royal Society, 16-17 October 2007
J. Garwood

Article Review
Claire Goodwin

DFP workshop on Continuing Professional Development and Reflective Practice
Jenny Tew

Conference Review

Book Reviews

Additional Information