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FPOP Bulletin 134 April 2016

FPOP Bulletin 134 April 2016

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Quick Overview

FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People.




Letter from the Co-Editor
Sam Roberts

Letter from the Chair
Reinhard Guss

Una Holden Award

Bill Downes Award

FPOP Workstreams

Dementia Workstream
Reinhard Guss

Inpatient Workstream
Kate Ross

Neurodegenerative Workstream
Jane Simpson

Dementia Advisory Group (DAG) Update
Linda Clare

Understanding depression: Why people experience persistent low mood and what can help
Gillian Bowden & Sue Holttum

Containment and its role in maintaining the self in dementia
Christopher Wilson & Harriet Danby

Case report: Accepting what is present: Could learning mindfulness together be a useful intervention for a couple living with dementia?
Elizabeth Kemp, Philip Wilkinson, Lizzie Cambray & Marie Johansson

The Newcastle Challenging Behaviour Checklist: Feedback about its use in the treatment of agitation
Karin Smith, F. Lesley Hadaway, Katharina Reichelt & Ian A. James

Should we tell lies to people with dementia in their best interest? The views of Italian and English medical doctors
Roberta Caiazza, Ian A. James, Daniel Rippon, Dario Grossi & Daniela Cantone

Cognitive-behavioural therapy for anxiety in dementia: A critical review
Megan McKenna

One size doesn't fit all... difficulties in implementing a formulation group on a 'functional' inpatient ward
Marsha Cochrane, Claire Appleton, Angela Chambers & Louise Auld

A mixed methods evaluation of staff adherence to client non-attendance policy
Jennifer Glover & Andrew Ashley

South Thames FPOP CPD Event: Reflections on the day
Felicity Caryer, Tina Howard & Shruti Jamnadass

The Pre-Qualification Group evaluation of specialist teaching on UK clinical psychology training: The FPOP results
Ian Asquith

'John's Campaign': An update, including details of the proposals and a Statement of Support
Dr Natasha Lord


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