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FPOP Bulletin 136 October 2016

FPOP Bulletin 136 October 2016

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Quick Overview

FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People.




Letter from the Editors
Jane Simpson & Rachel Barcroft

Letter from the Chair
Reinhard Guss

The experiences of being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
Emma Warren, Fiona J.R. Eccles, Vicky Travers & Jane Simpson

Neuropsychological assessment of myotonic dystrophy type 1: A case study
Natalie Hampson

Initial development of a pathway for managing the cognitive and psychological symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease
Natalie Hampson, Carol Miller & Lorraine King

Support for practitioners working with people with neurodegenerative disorders
Rachel Barcroft, Jane Simpson & Sarah Butchard

The use of cognitive analytical informed therapy in the context of Parkinson's disease: A clinical case study
Christy Laganis & Yvonne Woodward

Communication in Huntington's disease: What do we know?
Nicolò Zarotti

Psychological interventions for depression in people with multiple sclerosis
Rachel Barcroft & Jane Simpson

Anxiety and depression in individuals with Parkinson's disease: Perspectives of the nurse specialist
Rachael Theed & Jane Simpson

Navigating the diagnosis of Parkinsonism: A survey of peoples' experiences
Heather Langham & Elizabeth Baikie


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