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FPOP Bulletin 139 July 2017

FPOP Bulletin 139 July 2017

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Quick Overview

FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People.




Letter from the Co-editors
Claire Appleton & Katharina Reichelt

Letter from the Chair
Reinhard Guss

Workstream Updates

Psychological therapies
Polly Kaiser

Sara Ghani

Dementia Service User
Sarah Butchard

Research and service evaluation

The experience of stigma for older
people with a diagnosis of HIV in the UK:
A meta-synthesis

Cara Roberts-Collins & Catherine Butler

Gweld y Gair: Standardisation and
clinical application of a Welsh language
measure for estimation of premorbid
intellectual functioning

Linda Clare, Gill Toms, Enlli Thomas,
John V. Hindle & Robert T. Woods

A pilot of the Strategies for Relatives
(START) programme within a Mental
Health Services for Older People
(MHSOP) service in the North East of
England: A service evaluation

James Conway & Sarah Straughan

Compassion focused expressive writing
(CFExW) among carers of people with
dementia: Some reflections

Jenny Lacey, Syd Hiskey & Leanne Andrews

A pilot study to explore the potential of
mindfulness as an approach to address
staff burnout at a specialist care unit for
older adults with dementia and complex

Helen Lister

Research and service evaluation articles
A service evaluation of the psychosocial
needs of patients on a virtual ward

Sophie Venters & Natasha Lord

Measuring quality and outcomes workstream

Developing and implementing routine
quality and outcomes measures:
A tension between simplicity and

Tresa Andrews

Developing and implementing routine
quality and outcomes measures:
A resources framework and examples
of available resources

Tresa Andrews

A journey in measuring clinical
outcomes: Challenges and reflections

Georgina Beldon

Measuring outcome in a dementia home
support team

Frances Duffy


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