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FPOP Bulletin 148 October 2019

FPOP Bulletin 148 October 2019

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Quick Overview

FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People.

Special issue: 'Behaviours that Challege' in dementia care





Letter from the Chair
Sarah Butchard

Guest Editorial
Ian A. James, Esme Moniz-Cook & Frances Duffy


'If only it was that easy': Supporting staff to approach behaviour that challenges work within care home settings
Alan Howarth & Katy Lee

A formulation-based model for behaviours that challenge on an organic assessment unit: Staff perspectives
Morag Ritchie & Paula Maisey

Formulating and formulations in dementia care: Reviewing our perspectives
Katharina Reichelt, Laura Moody, Julia Wells & Ian A. James

Pharmacological interventions in dementia
Afifa Qazi, Ilona Kiss, Samuel Oyekan & Shahanaj Parveen

Behaviours that challenge: Setting-specific interventions
Paula Maisey & Alan Howarth

Do we need specialist teams for behaviours that challenge in dementia care?
Gillian Bowie, Frances Duffy & Joanna Marshall

Training and coaching of care home staff to develop person-centred skills with people with dementia
Jane Fossey & Frances Duffy

Challenging psychologists: A call to pragmatism
Tim Beanland

Evaluating interventions for Behaviours that Challenge (BtC) in dementia care - what instruments do specialist practitioners working in the UK use?
Rosie Dunn & Esme Moniz-Cook

Progress report

'Behaviours that Challenge' (BtC) in Dementia care: FPOP Dementia Workstream
Ian A. James, Esme Moniz-Cook & Frances Duffy


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