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FPOP Bulletin 150 April 2020

FPOP Bulletin 150 April 2020

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Quick Overview

FPOP Newsletter - for Psychology Specialists Working With Older People.

Special issue: 'Behaviours that Challege' in dementia care




Letter from the Chair
Mhairi Donaldson

Introduction to three papers from Wales: Using applied behaviour analysis when working with people with dementia
Carolien Lamers

Family-style dining approach to promote social interaction at mealtimes for people living with dementia
Choo Ying Lau, Rebecka Rörnes, Rebecca Sharp & Carolien Lamers

An assessment and intervention to facilitate and promote independent mealtimes for a person with dementia
Emma E.M. Williams, Rebecca A. Sharp & Carolien Lamers

Increasing handwashing in older adults with dementia
Allycea Ruparell, Kyla Douthwaite, Karla Pelling, Rebecca Sharp & Carolien Lamers

Commentary: Relating applied behaviour analysis to behaviour that challenges in dementia care settings
Louisa Jackman & Carolien Lamers

Dementia apps library
Soo Hun

A community of practice to improve understanding of dementia in Northern Ireland
Soo Hun & Frances Duffy

I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship… A tale of psychology and nursing developing compassion focused staff support – a joint initiative
Lynsey McCleery

My Life My Way: Holistic support for people with dementia and carers
Gail Whyte, Siobhan Casey & Mandy Wilson

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for older people: Experiences from group work and broader considerations regarding application
Clive Ferenbach

Stress and distress audit: What is a formulation without implementing change? The impact of a formulation-led intervention for distress in dementia
Morgan McDonald & Jessica McLaren

The LivDem model of post-diagnostic support for people living with dementia: Results of a survey about use and impact
Richard Cheston & Emily Dodd

Reflections on being part of the FPOP conference committee as an assistant psychologist
Tom Faulkner, Matthew Simpson & Rachel Woodbridge


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