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Good Practice Guidelines on the use of psychological formulation

Good Practice Guidelines on the use of psychological formulation

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Quick Overview

The guidelines have been developed for the Division of Clinical Psychology to promote best practice in psychological formulation, which is a core competence for clinical psychologists. The guidance is intended to be of benefit to clinical psychologists and clinical psychology training courses. Briefer versions suitable for other stakeholders (e.g. commissioners, service users and carers) are currently being developed.





1.    Executive summary

2.    Introduction

3.    Structure of the document

4.    Brief historical context of formulation

5.    Formulation in clinical psychology professional documents

6.    Defining formulation

7.    Purposes of formulation

8.    Clinical issues: When is a formulation a formulation?

  • Formulation as a process and formulation as an event
  • A partial formulation and a full formulation
9.    Principles of formulation in clinical psychology
  • Person-centred and problem-specific formulation
  • Multiple-model and single-model formulation
  • Integration-through-personal-meaning and list-of-factors formulation
  • Formulation and diagnosis
  • Psychiatric formulation and psychological formulation
  • Formulation and culture

10.    Formulation and the service/organisational context

11.    Formulation and the wider social/societal context

12.    Ethical issues in formulation

13.    Formulation: Areas for development

  • Research into formulation
  • Formulation and electronic records
  • Formulation-based alternatives to psychiatric diagnosis

14.    Summary and recommendations

15.    Relevant BPS documents

Appendix 1: Checklist of good practice in the use of formulation

Appendix 2: Professional guidelines and criteria in relation to formulation

Appendix 3: Formulation and research


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