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Grammar and Effective Writing (e-Learning)

Grammar and Effective Writing (e-Learning)

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Quick Overview

Writing clear, accurate and engaging text relies on understanding and applying the rules of grammar, using the right words and constructing coherent prose. This course helps the learner to boost their grammar and punctuation skills, choose and use appropriate words and craft effective sentences and paragraphs.
Grammar and Effective Writing helps the learner discover the underlying rules and conventions of writing, consider the impact of their writing decisions and develop their own writing and editing skills.

Grammar and Effective Writing enables the learner to understand and apply the rules of writing, craft effective sentences and paragraphs, generate clear, accurate and engaging writing, recognise and correct common writing errors, understand why using correct grammar and punctuation is important.

This course is designed to appeal to professionals working at all levels.

This course was written by the Department of Journalism and Publishing, Kingston University. Contributions from Maria Ahmed, Beth Brewster, Brain Cathcart and Clare Lovell.

90 days access.

Duration: 4 hours

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