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Health Psychology Update Vol 13 No 2 2004

Health Psychology Update Vol 13 No 2 2004

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Quick Overview

Health Psychology Update is designed to serve as a forum for discussion of issues related to the scientific analysis of psychological processes of health, illness and health care and the development of professional skills in research, practice, consultancy and teaching/training.




Neil Coulson & Diana Harcourt   

Individual Articles

Challenging the hill metaphor of ageing: Growing older, not old
Ann O'Hanlon

Spirituality, religion, health and well-being in later life
Peter G. Coleman

Re-formulating the fear of falling: Frailty and psychological well-being in older people
Kevin J. McKee, Man Cheung Chung & Tara Pais

Using mixed methods to examine the effects on women of combining work and elder-caring
Claire Lyonette

Exploring the role of cognitions in addiction research: The example of alcohol
Asli Niyazi

What doctors think other people know
Mark Forshaw & Sue Langley

Communication within an online Irritable Bowel Syndrome support network: What do participants  discuss?
Neil S. Coulson & Heather Semper

Shiftwork, stress and health: What about chronotype?
Tom Willis, Daryl O'Connor & Lawrence Smith

The development of the Professional Doctorate (Stage 2 Training Programme) in Health Psychology at Staffordshire University
Sarah Grogan & David Sheffield

Learning and teaching in health psychology: Results from the LTSN survey
Dominic Upton

Review of the symposium 'Body image: theory and research' at the Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference 2003, Stafford
Sue Jackson
Review of the Fifth Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Conference 2003, Plymouth
Louise Nokes


A profile of health psychology at the University of Coventry
Orla Dunn

Book Reviews 

  • Handbook of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Ellen Goudsmit
  • Essential Behaviour Analysis
    Doug MacKie
  • How Children Learn To Be Healthy
    Clair L. Regan
  • Applying Social Psychology
    Elly Strange
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Nicola Payne

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