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Health Psychology Update Vol 19 No 1 2010

Health Psychology Update Vol 19 No 1 2010

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of health psychology.




Kerri McPherson

Lay beliefs of smoking and an analysis of predictors of these beliefs
Laura Dennis & Jeremy Miles

From unhelpful to helpful: The role of Implementation-Intentions in a weight-loss intervention
Erica Cook

The process of developing a behaviour change service for looked after young people in an applied setting
Hannah Dale
Women and tobacco
Fay Beck

Professional Issues
The role of Continuing Professional Development in the health professions
Janine Carroll

Student Issues
Presenting at the DHP Annual Conference 2009
Anna Chisholm

Interviews, Letters & Readers' Opinions
Interview with ...
... Professor Karina Davidson
Lesley McGregor

... Professor Ronan O'Carroll
Erica Cook

How can health psychology research help reduce risky health behaviours? A report from the DHP Annual Conference 2009
Ella Graham-Rowe

Neuropsychological impact of health conditions: A review of the Division of Neuropsychology and Division of Health Psychology Joint  Post-qualificationTraining Day
Gail Dampney

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