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Health Psychology Update Vol 22 No 2 Autumn 2013

Health Psychology Update Vol 22 No 2 Autumn 2013

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of health psychology.




The Editorial Team


Evaluation of a mindfulness-based group intervention for individuals experiencing chronic pain
Caroline Wyatt, Amy Ashton & Joanne Regan

Development of a theory and evidence-based sex education intervention on Chlamydia for secondary school students
Puja Joshi, Katie Newby, Donna M. Lecky & Cliodna A.M. McNulty

Literature Reviews

Consumer-based genetic tests: A novel way to support behaviour change? An overview of the topic area
Susanne Friederike Meisel

Defining emotional responses in the Common Sense Self-Regulation Model of Illness - examined in the context of diabetes mellitus
Joanna Hudson

Event Reviews

How can health psychology help maternity care professionals to support women to have a healthy weight and lifestyle in pregnancy? 'Weight is the new challenge': A DHP-funded research seminar
Lou Atkinson, Ellinor K. Olander & Debbie M. Smith

10th Annual Psychology, Health and Medicine Conference
Andrea Gibbons

How to...

Challenge of NHS research made easier by NIHR Portfolio

Student Issues

Reflections on Stage 2 training in Health Psychology
Elizabeth Jenkinson & Habib Naqvi

Book Review

A Research Guide for Health and Clinical Psychology
By Martin Dempster
Reviewed by Pippa Foster

Interviews, Letters & Readers' Opinions

A view from abroad: Visiting Fellowship at Northwestern University. An interview with Dr Michael Wolf
Samuel G. Smith


Additional Information