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Health Psychology Update Vol 26 No 1 Spring 2017

Health Psychology Update Vol 26 No 1 Spring 2017

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of health psychology.



Katherine Swainston

Research Papers

Does image congruence impact the effectiveness of gain-framed physical activity message?
Neil Howlett, Joanne Gardiner & Abbie Foster

'The Three Good Things' - The effects of gratitude practice on wellbeing: A randomised controlled trial
Siew Tim Lai & Ronan O'Carroll

Public Engagement

Tutti for health and wellbeing - Performing health psychology
Raluca Matei

Practitioner Perspectives

Increasing impact in health psychology: Working in multidisciplinary research teams
Sarah Tonkin-Crine & Jenny Mc Sharry

Increasing impact in health psychology: Engaging with healthcare users, healthcare challenges and future health psychologists
Jenny Mc Sharry & Sarah Tonkin-Crine

Event Reviews

EHPS/DHP Conference 2016: Summary of DHP Award for 'Outstanding MSc Thesis' and reflections on conference highlights
Olga Perski

Reflections on the EHPS/DHP conference
Amy Malaguti

Presenting research for the first time at the 2016 EHPS/DHP joint annual conference
Emily Robson

Student Issues

Reflections on training to be a Health Psychologist with the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Stage 2 Training Programme
Jan Smith


Additional Information