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History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 11 No 1 2009

History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 11  No 1 2009

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Quick Overview

The periodical's remit is the history and philosophy of psychology, and to include papers from all theoretical perspectives, not just currently fashionable ones.




Invited Article

'Where there is a will there is a way': The late Victorians, human agency and determinism in science
Roger Smith

Conference Proceedings

Free will in the eye of neuroscientific reductionism: The need for a philosophical foundation of moral neurophilosophy
Rafaello Bellino

Karl Jaspers (1883-1969): Was he a psychologist?
Norman Wetherick

Notions of insanity in a seventeenth century Scottish legal case
Ed Miller

J. J. Waterston 1843: A neglected pioneer in physiological psychology - with some comments on recognition in science
Eric Salzen

A computer simulation of Meinong's (1902) Objektiv stage of object perception
Derek J. Smith

Book Reviews

George Kelly. The Psychology of Personal Constructs. By Trevor Butt
Reviewed by Nigel King

Marking the Mind. A History of Memory. By Kurt Danziger
Reviewed by Graham Richards

Psychology's Territories. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives from Different Disciplines. By Mitchell Ash & Thomas Sturm (Eds)
Reviewed by Graham Richards


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