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History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 11 No 2 2009

History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 11  No 2 2009

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Quick Overview

The periodical's remit is the history and philosophy of psychology, and to include papers from all theoretical perspectives, not just currently fashionable ones.





Refereed Articles

Mirror Neurons, Simulation, and Goldman
Adam Green

Mixing Business with Pleasure - An Evaluation of Nigel Balchin's Twin Careers as Industrial Psychologist and Writer
Derek Collett

The Berlin Wisdom Paradigm: A Conceptual Analysis of a Psychological  Approach to Wisdom
Konrad Banicki

Rhetorical Aspects of the Contention about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
David Pilgrim

Conference Proceedings

Becoming Ethically Responsive (Again) - Leaving Depression's Monologicality to Regain Attentiveness to Others
Joe MacDonagh

Book Review

Emotions: A social science reader. Edited by Monica Greco & Paul Stenner.
Reviewed by Paul Redford.

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