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History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 13 No 2 2011

History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 13 No 2 2011

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Quick Overview

The periodical's remit is the history and philosophy of psychology, and to include papers from all theoretical perspectives, not just currently fashionable ones.





Invited Articles

The Mind in Time: A Provisional Position Statement
Graham Richards

From the Porch of Solomon:  B. F. Skinner on the Irrelevance of History
Daniel N. Robinson

Conference Proceedings

Some Limitations of the Biopsychosocial Model
David Pilgrim

Consciousness as a Paradigm for Cognitive Neuroscience
John Campion

The Idiographic/Nomothetic Dichotomy: Tracing Historical Origins of Contemporary Confusions
Oliver C. Robinson

News Reports

Section Annual Conference, April 2011
Nathalie Chernoff

Biography and Its Place in the History of Psychology and Psychiatry
John Hall

An Internship at the Center for the History of Psychology in Akron, Ohio
Nathalie Chernoff

Book Reviews

A note from the Book Review Editor
Nathalie Chernoff

Unsettled minds: Psychology and the American search for spiritual assurance, 1830-1940,  by Christopher G. White 
Reviewed by Elissa N. Rodkey

Religious experience reconsidered: A building-block approach to the study of religion and other special things, by Ann Taves
Reviewed by Joseph Rivera

Psychology, religion, and the nature of the soul: A historical entanglement,  by Graham Richards
Reviewed by John Radford

Thinking globally - acting locally.  A personal journey, by Peter Mittler
Reviewed by Chris Cullen

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