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History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 15 No 1 2014

History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 15 No 1 2014

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Quick Overview

The periodical's remit is the history and philosophy of psychology, and to include papers from all theoretical perspectives, not just currently fashionable ones.




Conscientisation and the ontology of personhood in Latin American liberation psychology
Wayne R. Dykstra

Disciplining the depressed? Considering contemporary treatments of depression as disciplinary techniques
Adam Flintoff

Extending the 'logic of the laboratory' into society at large? The critical work of Trudy Dehue
John Shotter & Justine van Lawick

Does the concept of hard facts offer utility in contemporary, scientific psychology?
R. Stephen Walsh

Conference Proceedings

Making mental health politics: The DSM as technology Summary of Keynote Presentation, HPP Section Annual Conference 2013
Martyn Pickersgill

To DSM or not to DSM, that was the question
Philip K. Cox


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