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History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 4 No 2 2002

History & Philosophy of Psychology Vol 4 No 2 2002

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Quick Overview

The periodical's remit is the history and philosophy of psychology, and to include papers from all theoretical perspectives, not just currently fashionable ones.





Keynote Address: Tiny Brains, Big Psychologies: How Ants Changed Our Understanding of the Mind
Charlotte Sleigh

Evolutionary Monism in the Study of Mental Phenomena: The Clinical-Differential Psychopathology of Enrico Morselli, Scientist and Philosopher (1852-1929)
Chiara Bartolucci & Giovanni Pietro Lombardo

Bridging the Great Epistemological Divide in Cognitive Neuroscience
John Campion

'It Can't Be Me!' Fear and Anxiety in the Light of R. G. Collingwood's Theory
Włodzimierz Tomasz Chołostiakow

The Lovie Prize, 2012: Contextualising the Concept of the Basic Emotion: An Historical Examination of the Theories of Alexander Bain and Herbert Spencer
Anna Kennedy

Conference Report: Section Annual Conference, April 2012
Anna Kennedy

Book Reviews

Handbook of the History of Social Psychology. By Arie W. Kruglanski & Wolfgang Stroebe
Reviewed by Beth Richardson

Realism and Psychology: Collected Essays. Edited by Nigel Mackay and Agnes Petocz
Reviewed by David Pilgrim

History and Philosophy of Psychology. By Man Cheung Chung and Michael E. Hyland
Reviewed by Toni Brennan


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