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How can psychology inform disaster management?

How can psychology inform disaster management?

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Quick Overview

This publication highlights the roles of psychologists in education, preparation and training for disasters. It also looks at what psychologists can offer to the response to disasters, including the psychological interventions that can help victims, and at psychologists' research into disasters and their management.

The publication resulted from a symposium on the above topic held at the London offices of the British Psychological Society in March 2017 and organised by the Society's Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section and, in particular by its chair, Dr Noreen Tehrani.



Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes

Speakers and contributors

Evidence for action in emergencies and disasters
Dr Holly Carter, Louis Gauntlett & Dr Richard Amloôt

The evolving challenges for psychology in air accident investigation
Adrian Cope

Family Liaison Officers - responding to mass disasters
Louise Pye

The psychology of preparedness
Dr Sarita Robinson

Recognising the consequences
Bryan Carrington

Storm Desmond 2015: A harbinger of change
Chief Superintendent Andy Towler

On the human dimensions of disasters
Professor David Alexander

How should we support emergency responders?
Dr Noreen Tehrani

Closing thoughts
Professor William Yule


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