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How teams work in sport and exercise psychology

How teams work in sport and exercise psychology

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Quick Overview

This is the third volume in the series of workshop proceedings for the then Sport and Exercise Psychology Section.

The subject of How Teams Work is particularly topical because working in teams is now often recommended as a means of improving effectiveness in

all kinds of organisation, for example the Post Office, where we are told that strikes in Britain have occurred largely because of the attempted introduction

of teamwork while in the USA similar long-standing attempts have been recognised as unsuccessful and are being given up.

Although this volume deals mainly with teamwork as applied to sport and exercise, where there is a strong tradition of structure and function, its relevance

is much broader and illustrates what teams can and cannot achieve. Theoretical models of team behaviour are discussed and exploited, and ways and means of creating successful teams are described with real life samples.

The workshop was particularly notable for excellent and lively discussion in which members from BASES played a prominent role.




List of Contributors

Theoretical models of team behaviour
John Annett

Chicken or egg? In search of the elusive cohesion-performance relationship
David Sewell

Explaining performance variation in team sport: Evidence of the value of assessing collective efficacy.
Austin Swain

Social facilitation and individual performance - An investigation of darts players
Linda Duffy, Hannah Steinberg, Elizabeth Sykes and Alison Dewey

Team goal setting in Rugby Union football: A nominal group technique
Barry Cripps and Greg Cann

Role conflict in sports team management
Phil Moore and David Collins

Physical challenge and the development of conflict management skills
Veronica Burke and David Collins

Applied interventions for improving team effectiveness
Geoff Lovell and David Collins

Summing Up
Hannah Steinberg


Additional Information