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International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 2 No 1 March 2007 Special Issue: Positive Psychology

International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 2 No 1 March 2007 Special Issue: Positive Psychology

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Quick Overview

The review is an international publication with a focus on the theory, practice and research in the field of coaching psychology.

Special issue - Positive coaching psychology: Integrating the science of positive psychology with the practice of coaching psychology

Positive psychology and coaching psychology are often recognised as complementary bedfellows, but to date there have not been many systematic attempts to explore how each can inform the other. This special issue was conceptualised as a way of beginning this integrative process, and seeks to provide coaching psychologists with some perspectives from empirical and theoretical work at the intersection of these areas. It includes interviews from leading positive psychologists, and four positive psychology book reviews, the intention of which are to introduce some of the breadth and excitement of this field to the coaching psychologist who may not be familiar with it.




Co-Editors Editorial - Special Issue: Positive Psychology
Michael Cavanagh & Stephen Palmer

Guest Editors Editorial
P. Alex Linley & Carol Kauffman

Character strengths and type: Exploration of covariation
Sulynn Choong & Kathryn Britton

Evidence-based life coaching for senior high school students: Building hardiness and hope
Suzy Green, Anthony Grant & Jo Rynsaardt

Flow theory - its application to coaching psychology
Karen Wesson & Ilona Boniwell

An intervention for fostering hope, athletic and academic performance in university student-athletes
Cristina Rolo & Daniel Gould

Enhancing goal self-concordance through coaching
Daniel Burke & P. Alex Linley

Positive intervention self-selection: Developing models of what works for whom
Jordan Silberman

Optimistic managers and their influence on productivity and employee engagement in a technology organisation: Implications for coaching psychologists
Dana Arakawa & Margaret Greenberg

The meeting of the minds: Positive psychology and coaching psychology
Carol Kauffman & P. Alex Linley

A pragmatic perspective: Putting positive coaching psychology into action
Carol Kauffman & P. Alex Linley Book Reviews


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