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International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 2 No 2 July 2007

International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 2 No 2 July 2007

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Quick Overview

The review is an international publication with a focus on the theory, practice and research in the field of coaching psychology.




Stephen Palmer & Michael Cavanagh

The state of executive coaching research: What does the current literature tell us and what's next for coaching research?
Jonathan Passmore & Carla Gibbes

A preliminary evaluation of executive coaching: Does executive coaching work for candidates on a high potential development scheme?
Amanda J.W. Feggetter

Strengths use, self-concordance and well-being: Implications for Strengths Coaching and Coaching Psychologists
Reena Govindji & P. Alex Linley

GAS powered coaching: Goal Attainment Scaling and its use in coaching research and practice
Gordon B. Spence

The coaching relationship: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Kristina Gyllensten & Stephen Palmer

Coaching with emotion: How coaches deal with difficult emotional situations
Elaine Cox & Tatiana Bachkirova

Coaching: A process of personal and social meaning making
Reinhard Stelter

Contributions of evidence-based developmental coaching to coaching psychology and practice
Otto Laske

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