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International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 3 No 2 July 2008

International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 3 No 2 July 2008

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Quick Overview

The review is an international publication with a focus on the theory, practice and research in the field of coaching psychology.




Michael Cavanagh & Stephen Palmer

Towards a model of coaching transfer: Operationalising coaching success and the facilitators and barriers to transfer
Lorna J. Stewart, Stephen Palmer, Helen Wilkin & Maire Kerrin

Positive coaching with frontline managers: Enhancing their effectiveness and understanding why
Nickolas Yu, Catherine G. Collins, Michael Cavanagh, Kate White & Greg Fairbrother

On the unity of behavioural and developmental perspectives in coaching
Otto Laske

My next client: Understanding the Big Five and positive personality dispositions of those seeking psychosocial support interventions
Karen D. Klockner & Richard E. Hicks

Evaluating the links between leadership development coaching and performance
Penny Cortvriend, Claire Harris & Emma Alexander

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