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International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 5 No 2 September 2010

International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 5 No 2 September 2010

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of coaching psychology.




Stephen Palmer & Michael Cavanagh

Experiences of cognitive coaching: A qualitative study
Kristina Gyllensten, Stephen Palmer, Eva-Karin Nilsson, Agneta Meland Renér & Ann Frodi

Critical moments of clients and coaches: A direct-comparison study
Erik de Haan, Colin Bertie, Andrew Day & Charlotte Sills

An invitation to personal construct coaching: From personal construct therapy to personal construct coaching
Dusan Stojnov & Jelena Pavlovic

Ethics in coaching: An ethical decision making framework for coaching psychologists
Mark Duffy & Jonathan Passmore

Coaching - narrative-collaborative practice
Reinhard Stelter & Ho Law

Strengthspotting in coaching: Conceptualisation and development of the Strengthspotting Scale
P. Alex Linley, Nicky Garcea, Jonathan Hill, Gurpal Minhas, Emma Trenier & Janet Willars

SGCP & IGCP News Update
Ho Law & Peter Zarris

International Coaching Psychology Review - Volume index 2010


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