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International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 6 No 1 March 2011

International Coaching Psychology Review Vol 6 No 1 March 2011

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of coaching psychology.




Editorial: Coaching psychology: quantitative, qualitative, and theoretical perspectives
Michael Cavanagh & Stephen Palmer

The strengths of the strengthspotter: Individual characteristics associated with the identification of strengths in others
P. Alex Linley & Gurpal Minhas

A grounded theory study of the value derived by women in financial services through a coaching intervention to help them identify their strengths and practise using them in the workplace
Francesca Elston & Dr Ilona Boniwell

The experience of using coaching as a learning technique in learner driver development: An IPA study of adult learning
Jonathan Passmore & Lance Mortimer

Utilising evidence-based leadership theories in coaching for leadership development: Towards a comprehensive integrating conceptual framework
Ray Elliott

A pilot study evaluating strengths-based coaching for primary school students: Enhancing engagement and hope
Wendy Madden, Suzy Green & Anthony M. Grant

Developing an agenda for teaching coaching psychology
Anthony M. Grant

Educating coaching psychologists: Responses from the field
Michael Cavanagh, Stephen Palmer et al.

Responses to international commentary on the development of teaching coaching psychology
Anthony M. Grant

Book Review
Constructing Stories, Telling Tales: A Guide to Formulation in Applied Psychology
Reviewed by Carmel O'Neill

Ist International Congress of Coaching Psychology: UK Event

Jennifer Liston-Smith, Haley Lancaster & Yvonne McAdam

SGCP & IGCP News Update
Angela Hetherington & Peter Zarris

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