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Issues in Criminological and Legal Psychology No 25

Issues in Criminological and Legal Psychology No 25

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Quick Overview

The publication's aim is to promote and publish the work of forensic psychologists and other associated forensic professionals through the production of a high-standard review publication, in order to provide critical debate on current issues.




An Application of the Scared S'traigh­t Principle in Early Intervention Programming: Three studies on activating the other's perspective in pre-adolescents' perceptions of a stepping-stone behaviour
Frans Willem Winkel and Anna C. Baldry

Hate crime and anti-racism campaigning: Testing the psychological approach of Portraying Stereotypical Information-processing
Frans Willem Winkel

Sensationalism and number of reports as indicators of fear of crime: an experiment with broadsheet and tabloid newspapers
Aldert Vrij and Isabel Parker

Interviewing skills and individual characteristics of police interrogators
Lydia Sear and Geoffrey M. Stephenson

The emotional impact of collecting crime evidence: the work of the scenes of crime officers
Dr Margaret Mitchell and Chief Inspector Ian Hogg

An explanation of the profiling of hostage incidents in HM Prison Service
Aidan Harvey-Craig, M.J. Fisher and Peter Simpson

An evaluation of nurse training and support needs: Working with women patients who harm themselves in a special hospital
Helen Liebling, Hazel Chipchase and Rebecca Velangi

Anger management for women prisoners
Rebecca Horn and Graham Towl

Patterns of drug-taking in prison in relation to voluntary and mandatory testing: Perceptions and test results
Michael Brookes and Heidi Scott

Portia, Persephone, crime, shame and care
Guy Masters


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