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Issues in Forensic Psychology No 1: What do forensic psychologists do?

Issues in Forensic Psychology No 1: What do forensic psychologists do?

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Quick Overview

There has been a long history of forensic psychology in the Prison Service. Psychologists have also worked in the Probation Service, but, until recently, were not part of a co-ordinated professional structure. This publication describes some of the developments in both areas, and the aims to promote closer working between the services.

It includes four broad and related themes:

  • The prison environment from the perspective of forensic psychological practice and research.

  • The prevention of harm, which explicitly includes papers on risk assessment, bullying and suicide.

  • Three papers on working with prisoners with specialist needs, namely women, young offenders and lifers.

  • Five papers on regimes and programmes including papers on therapeutic regimes, prison regimes, cognitive skills programmes, sex offender treatment programmes and a programme for violent offenders.



Graham Towl & Cynthia McDougall 

Psychological research in prisons
Danny Clark

Risk assessment
Danny Clark

Bullying in prisons
Jane Ireland

Suicide and self-injury
Martin McHugh

Working with women prisoners
Debs Kelland & Pauline McAvoy

Working with young offenders
Alison Dalkin & Sarah Skett

Working with life sentence prisoners
Phil Wilmott

Therapeutic regimes
Roland Woodward

Forensic psychologists' contribution to the development of prison regimes
Graham Beck

Cognitive skills programmes
Linda Blud

HM Prison Service sex offender programme
Ruth E. Mann & Emma Riches

Violent offender programmes
Gill Atrill

Managing difficult prisoners
Alex Lord

Incident management
Jacquie Evans & Colin Henson

Psychologists working with Probation Services
Kate Law

Future directions
Cynthia McDougall & Graham Towl

Additional Information