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Issues in Forensic Psychology No 2: Positive directions for women in secure environments

Issues in Forensic Psychology No 2: Positive directions for women in secure environments

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Quick Overview

The idea for this publication arose from a 1988 conference which aimed to consider current provision for women in secure environments; to identify and describe existing good practice; and to make positive recommendations for future provision.

The Conference arose out of a general concern that whilst women make up a significant minority of those in secure environments, their specific needs are often obscured within an overarching concern with the majority needs of men. Yet women in secure environments differ in significant ways from men: not simply in terms of the type of offences they tend to commit, but also in terms of their specific and varying needs.

This book aims to promote critical reflection of current provision for women and to make positive recommendations. It draws on the experience and knowledge of contributors from a range of professional backgrounds, including clinical and forensic psychologists, a psychiatrist, a nurse, academics and a patient in a high security psychiatric hospital.





Sam Warner and Rebecca Horn

Women and child sexual abuse: Childhood prisons and current custodial practices
Sam Warner

Groupwork in prison with women who have experienced domestic violence
Debs Kelland and Julia Fraser

Positive approaches for women who self-harm
Helen Liebling and Hazel Chipchase 

Women and drug misuse
Karen Williams

Anger management with women in coercive environments
Kathleen Kendall  

The special needs of foreign nationals in UK women's prisons
Olga Heaven

Disorderly women: Bad mothers
Tracey Wilkins and June

Life behind the shadows: Women's experiences of prison in later life
Azrini Wahidin


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