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Issues in Forensic Psychology No 6: DFP Conference 2006 Invited Symposiums

Issues in Forensic Psychology No 6: DFP Conference 2006 Invited Symposiums

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Quick Overview

The whole subject of Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder has been associated with interest, anxiety and controversy in almost equal measures. There are those who are keen to see this exciting development move forward, whilst others are either sceptical or antagonistic towards the whole concept, seeing it as an infringement of civil liberties and something with which mental health professionals should not be associated. There has been a polarisation of views and the consequence has been the emergence of myths, half-truths and facts.

I hope by the time you have read the papers in this edition you will have a clearer understanding of the challenges and be in a position to pose the important professional questions that must be asked about innovative developments such as DSPD.

From the Foreword by Dr Ian Keitch





Statement of Purpose

Dr Ian Keitch

An overview: DSPD programme concepts and progress
Jane Bell, Siobhan Campbell, Mat Erikson, Todd Hogue, Zoe McLean, Sam Rust & Ricky Taylor

Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder and its relationship to sexual offending.
Derek Perkins & Daz Bishopp

Women and Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder: Assessing, treating and managing women at risk.
Caroline Logan

Personality disordered offenders in a community context: A mental health perspective.
Jackie Craissati

Clinical pluralism: A model of practice for D&SPD treatment teams
Mark Morris

DSPD? A unit for young male offender patients with complex needs in a high security hospital.
Estelle Moore & Michelle Christmas

Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD).  Integrating education, training, teamwork and supervision.
Jason Davies & Allison Tennant

Developing and implementing a Postgraduate Certificate Course  for people working in the Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder service
Lawrence Whyte


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