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Issues in Forensic Psychology No 5: Risk Assessment and management

Issues in Forensic Psychology No 5: Risk Assessment and management

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Quick Overview

To promote and publish the work of forensic psychologists and other associated forensic professionals through the production of a high-standard reviewed publication, in order to provide critical debate on current issues.



The assessment of risk of harm is an increasingly essential task in forensic and other settings where practitioners attempt to engage with their clients in order to provide care, therapy, behaviour management, and contribute towards public safety. The objective of risk assessment is the realistic appraisal of the future risks posed by an individual with a history of harming others (e.g. violently or sexually) in order to limit the potential for further harmful behaviour.

This edition is a resource for practitioners seeking to find some order in the arena of risk assessment research, a way through the alternatives. Risk assessment is not a competition. One approach is not always better than another; instead, the value of an approach depends on the use to which its conclusions will be put. Choose the approach that suits the requirements of the task.



Caroline Logan

An evidence-based approach to planning services for forensic psychiatric patients
Marnie E. Rice, Grant T. Harris, Catherine A. Cormier, Carol Lang, Garth Coleman & Tina Smith Krans

Actuarial risk prediction for future violence amongst mentally disordered offenders
Nicole Hickey

Predictive validity of the HCR-20 Violence Risk Assessment Scheme within a maximum security special hospital
Gary J.D. Macpherson & Ian-Mark Kevan

New directions in assessing risk for sexual offenders 
Leam A. Craig, Kevin D. Browne, Todd E. Hogue & Ian Stringer

Developing a psychometric model for risk assessment
Sean M. Hammond & Margaret M. O'Rourke

Violent patients' warning signs and indications of coping failure as criteria for specific risk management strategies: An introduction to the SAFE project
Stal Bjorkly

Risk: Practice and principles in a Forensic Mental Health Service for children and young people
Graeme Richardson, Ursula Cawthorne & Finlay Graham

Using choice as an aid to engagement and risk management with violent psychopathic offenders
Daryl Harris, Gill Attrill & Jack Bush

A Risk-Readiness Model of post-treatment risk management
Stephen C.P. Wong & Audrey E. Gordon

Legal implications of risk assessment
Kris Gledhillr


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