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Issues in Forensic Psychology No 7: Readiness for treatment

Issues in Forensic Psychology No 7: Readiness for treatment

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Quick Overview

This edition presents a collection of papers that are at the cutting edge of thinking and practice in the area of readiness for treatment. Funding made available by the British Psychological Society, through the Research Seminars Competition 2005, enabled professionals from a range of agencies and from three continents to work together and discuss their theorising, practice and research, and to further their thinking in this little-researched area.

The papers represent work from the perspectives of psychiatry, forensic and clinical psychology, psychotherapy and art therapy. The authors work variously in the Prison Service, the National Health Service and academia and reflect work being done in Canada and Australia as well as the UK.





Helen Edwards

Editor's comment

SECTION ONE: Theory and Discussion

Ready or not, they are coming: Dangerous and severe personality disorder and treatment engagement
Kevin Howells & Allison Tennant

Treatment readiness: An overview of Australasian work
Andrew Day, Kevin Howells, Sharon Casey, Tony Ward & Astrid Birgden

Hunting the snark: The concept of motivation
Simon Draycott

Motivation or motive. Does it really matter what we think of our patients?
David Jones

SECTION TWO: Practical Applications

Using case formulation for assessing and intervening with engagement difficulties
Lawrence Jones

Orientating patients to therapy
John Shine

Beyond the 'Quick Fix': The role of medication in readiness for psychological treatment of severe personality disorder
Julia Cartwright & Harvey Gordon

'Considering Change' - a motivational intervention with DSPD offenders
Catherine Farr & Simon Draycott


Development of a clinical rating scale for offender readiness: Implications for assessment and offender change
Ralph C. Serin, Donna L. Mailloux & Sharon M. Kennedy

The Personal Concerns Inventory: Offender Adaptation (PCI:OA): The structure of offenders' motivation
Mary McMurran, Joselyn Sellen & Eleni Theodosi

Risk and treatment readiness: The impact of historical and psychosocial  variables on treatment completion
Richard Shuker, Louise Falshaw & Margaret Newton

Self and social function: Art Therapy and readiness for treatment in a therapeutic community prison
Bill Wylie


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