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Issues in Forensic Psychology No 8 2008: Investigative Psychology

Issues in Forensic Psychology No 8 2008: Investigative Psychology

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Quick Overview

The aim of the series is to promote and publish the work of forensic psychologists and other associated forensic professionals through the production of a high-standard review publication, in order to provide critical debate on current issues.




Foreword: Laurence Alison

Increasing innovation in applied research: Bridging the investigative/clinical divide
Lynsey Gozna & Jacinta Prendergast

The use of facet action system theory in crime scene analysis and suspect interviewing
Lucy Neville & Sarah Miller

Using archival data and multidimensional scaling to explore leadership: Examples from group crime
Louise E. Porter

Analysing forensic processes: Taking time into account
Paul J. Taylor, Karen Jacques, Ellen Giebels, Mark Levine, Rachel Best, Jan Winter & Gina Rossi

Sketch maps: An old technique with new applications
Karen Shalev

Offender profiling: Psychological and methodological issues of testing for behavioural consistency
C. Gabrielle Salfati

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