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Lesbian & Gay Psychology Review Vol 2 No 1 March 2001

Lesbian & Gay Psychology Review Vol 2 No 1 March 2001

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers presented at the BPS Lesbian & Gay Psychology Section's Inaugural Annual Conference in July 2000.




Adrian Coyle & Martin Milton

Lesbian and gay parenting: Resistance and normalisation
Victoria Clarke

A minority within a minority: Identity and well-being among gay men with learning disabilities
Christopher J. Bennett & Adrian Coyle

Psychotherapy with lesbian and gay clients: Existential-phenomenological contributions to training
Dale Judd & Martin Milton

BPS Lesbian & Gay Psychology Section 2001 Postgraduate Prize Rules

Book reviews

Lesbian, gay and bisexual identities in families: Psychological perspectives
Edited by Charlotte J. Patterson & Anthony R. D'Augelli, reviewed by Fiona Tasker

Sexually stigmatised communities: Reducing heterosexism and homophobia - An awareness training manual
By Chuck Stewart, reviewed by Elizabeth Peel

Psychoanalytic therapy and the gay man
By Jack Drescher, reviewed by Bernard Ratigan

Bert & Lori: The autobiography of a cross-dresser
By Robert J. Rowe, reviewed by Philip Ama Harris Books for review


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