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Lesbian & Gay Psychology Review Vol 6 No 1 March 2005

Lesbian & Gay Psychology Review Vol 6 No 1 March 2005

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of Lesbian and Gay psychology.




Elizabeth Peel


'We're all very liberal in our views': Students talk about lesbian and gay issues
Victoria Clarke

Attributing primary and secondary emotions to lesbians and gay men: Denying a human essence or gender stereotyping?
Natalie Brown & Peter Hegarty

Psychology, law and human rights: The case of planned lesbian families
Rosie Harding

Looking through the other end of the telescope: An autobiographical inquiry into the effects on a gay therapist of working with heterosexual clients
Peter Martin

Research in Brief

Three responses to Making sense of 'barebacking' (Michele Crossley, British Journal of Social Psychology)

Darren Langdridge

1. Whose morality? Constructions of 'healthy sexuality' in Crossley's paper
Damien W. Riggs

2. Controversy in the British Journal of Social Psychology: A response to Crossley
Meg Barker

3. Resistance habitus and the homophobic social psychologist
Darren Langdridge & Paul Flowers

Focus on Activism

Parents' Pride
Victoria Clarke in conversation with Jenny Broughton

Book Reviews


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