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Market analysis (e-Learning)

Market analysis (e-Learning)

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Quick Overview

Market analysis is not just about the application of analytical techniques to reams of data. So often people say 'we need more data', when there is no more available. At some point a judgement has to be made. While a market understanding must be based on fact, quantitative market research is not some fundamental route to truth and enlightenment. Much of it can be contradictory or incomplete and is only as good as the questions posed and the way they are asked. There is always room for personal judgement, based on qualitative research, experience and gut feeling. In fact, these are more important than choosing between two numbers. This course should help give learners the confidence to make those judgements.

This course is about creating a robust framework for carrying out market analysis. It is a mixture of business strategy, marketing analysis and market research.

For more information please click here to see the BPS Learning Centre webpage for this course.

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